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Young and the Restless Paul Williams Doug Davidson '71

About 1980 I had been watching The Young and the Restless. Then, working, I bought the Soap Opera Magazine to keep up. I was stunned to read that the real name of one of the characters was Doug Davidson. I stopped to think in my head about what Paul Williams on the show looked like. "Oh my God! That is Doug!" I was a senior when he was a sophomore in high school. We were in drama together. He only came up to my shoulder back then! Here's me as Alice in Wonderland. My how Doug grew up. Way to go! Been watching you ever since. Saw you recently in a TV movie? By the way, how do you know when it's time to tune your bagpipes? Why do bagpipers walk while playing? (answers at bottom of page)clan.jpg (3046 bytes).

And I've lost touch with our mutual friend Michelle Collela. Ever hear from Dan Reed? Hmmm, can't remember the name of that movie I saw him in...*chuckle* [8/2000 I heard from Dan! He wrote a book, is writing another one, and he sounds great! danreed.jpg (24067 bytes)]

and I always remember the story about your big sister in the Dirty Harry movie jumping into the pool when Clint Eastwood whispered in her ear as she lay 'dying', "I'm going to tickle you?" Did I get that right?

Young and the Restless Paul William Doug DavidsonYoung and the Restless Paul Williams Doug Davidsonddavidson.jpg (8588 bytes)19980327_sneak.jpg (7295 bytes)
Doug Davidson joined the cast of The Young and the Restless in May 1978 as private investigator Paul Williams.

For his portrayal of the character, Doug was awarded the 1997 Soap Opera Digest Award for Best Supporting Actor and also received the magazine's award as Outstanding Hero in 1991 and 1992.

Doug hosted the nighttime version of CBS's The Price is Right. He co-starred in the Judith Krantz mini-series I'll Take Manhattan and The Initiation of Sarah and appeared as a guest star in the CBS series Diagnosis Murder. He hosted CBS's 1998 Rose Parade, and continues to serve as regular host of CBS's Coming up Roses New Year's Special. Doug was the master of ceremonies for the Miss California Pageant and hosted the Kenny Rogers Cerebral Palsy Telethon.

He co-starred with Paul Reiser in the feature film Mr. Write, and had supporting roles in the films Don't Stop Now, and Fraternity Row.

Aside from hobbies which include traveling, camping and playing the bagpipes, Doug enjoys contributing much of his time to various charities, including the YMCA. He and his wife, actress Cindy Fisher, have teamed up to serve as National Honorary Chairpersons for WE-TIP, a non-profit anonymous tip line that aids in crime prevention.

Davidson and his wife have two children, Calyssa and Caden.

His birth date is October 24. He stands 6 feet tall and has blonde hair and blue eyes.

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"Mary and Carl Williams have four children: Steven, Paul, Patty and Todd. Their youngest son, Todd, is a priest in Europe. Steve and Patty, who lived in Genoa City at one time, have moved away. Steven moved to Washington, D.C., where he works on a newspaper, and Patty left town after her ill-fated marriage to Jack Abbott. Nice guy Paul operates a private detective agency and although he had many loves in his more youthful days, he present love of his life, Christine Blair, is his greatest love of all, and it seems destined to last forever....The Williamses are a solid example of the typical middle-class American family."
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Ahh, the memories. I remember seeing Doug Davidson as Paul Williams chasing Nikki around the locker room. Didn't know it was Doug at the time.

"Nikki Reed was a wild teenager living with her mother and sister Casey, when her fling with waiter Paul Williams resulted in a venereal disease. Nikki and Paul became close friends, and joined the New World Cult. Becoming disenchanted with the lifestyle, they attempted to leave, were held captive by its leader Rebecca, and eventually were rescued by Paul's father Detective Carl Williams. Paul and Nikki have remained close friends through the years, as have Nikki and her best friend, Kathryn Chancellor."

"Paul is considered the most successful private eye in Genoa City. As a teenager, he was very rebellious, which troubled his parents, Carl and Mary. Paul was briefly involved with Nikki Newman. He also married April Stevens after she announced that she was pregnant with his baby. Eventually, April realized that Paul didn't really love her and she left town with their daughter, Heather. Eventually, Paul fell for Cindy Lake, a hooker he met while he was undercover, trying to clear his father, who was being framed as a cop on the take. Paul intended to marry Cindy, but her life was cut short when she took a bullet intended for him. Soon after, Paul found himself attracted to Lauren Fenmore, heir to the Fenmore Department Store Chain. Lauren's scheming ways, however, eventually led to the end of their marriage. But they remained close friends. Next, Paul became involved with the mysterious Cassandra Rawlins. But Cassandra was only interested in framing Paul for the death of her wealthy husband, Henry Rawlins. Fortunately, Paul, with his dad's help, managed to clear himself of murder charges by exposing the true killers. Paul is currently married to Christine Blair, an attorney. Their relationship began as friends and slowly blossomed into love."
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Doug Davidson stars as detective Paul Williams on the Number One rated daytime drama "The Young and the Restless" which airs on the CBS Television Network from Columbia Pictures Television.

Doug was born and raised in Glendale, California. He attended public school in La Canada-Flintridge. He became interested in acting as a high school freshman and also began modeling for various magazines and catalogs. Following graduation, Doug attended Occidental College where he majored in theater arts and marine biology.

While studying acting, Doug worked as a cab driver, waiter and bartender. His devotion to his craft soon began to pay off as he landed a number of television commercials.

(Oh, more memories. Doug in an advertisement for Raging Waters? acting like a guy going crazy heading for the long drop. Wasn't that before Y&R?)

His commercial work led to supporting roles in the feature films "Fraternity Row" and "Don't Stop Now" with Paul Reiser and Jessica Tuck. He also had featured roles in the television films "The Initiation of Sarah" and "I'll Take Manhattan." Doug also hosted the nighttime version of "The Price is Right."

Davidson's role on "The Young and the Restless" came about by chance when he met the producers of the daytime drama while visiting the set with a friend. That led to several guest appearances and eventually led to him being cast as Paul Williams.

In 1991 and 1992, he was named Outstanding Hero by the Soap Opera Digest Awards.

During Doug's free time, he is the co-chairman for We Tip, a non-profit organization that helps people on the prevention of drug abuse and crime in Los Angeles.

Doug is an avid traveler and outdoorsman. He has camped all over Europe, water-skied on the Colorado River and scuba dived in Hawaii, Mexico and Tahiti. Other interests in Doug's life are his music, writing and playing the bagpipes.

When Doug is not working he spends most of his time with his wife, Cindy, and their daughter, Calyssa Rae, and son, Caden Douglas.

Answers to riddles: When someone is blowing on it.

                               It's harder to miss a moving target.

Doug Davidson's TV Guide Interview

Celebrating 20 years on Y&R


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This star-studded tribute to daytime's top-rated soap opera features the complete, blow-by-blow storyline of the show since its beginning in 1973, actor profiles, a special section of genuine fan letters, and much more. Publication scheduled to coincide with the show's 25th anniversary in March 1998. Hundreds of color photos, many never before published (Pop Arts)

In association with findrelated.gif (3029 bytes), books, music, and videos recommended by Pranks 4 the Memories.

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