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"Religion is for those who are afraid of going to hell. Spirituality is for those who have already been there." Collection of Spirituality Stories Cheryl's Home

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"According to the dictionary, tolerance means accepting others' views, beliefs, and practices without prejudice. It means that the views, beliefs, and practices of others don't have to change or threaten our own. It means not allowing ourselves to be affected negatively by others' choices, but recognizing that they are not our choices." Hazeldon

My Catholic daughter has disowned me for teaching our children not to fear or feel prejudice of other religions so that I will "never have the opportunity to influence my children to change their religion." She admits I've never done that to anyone yet, "but you might"...


Self-test your unconscious levels of prejudice about age, gender, race self-esteem and mathematics vs. art. The results may not be agreeable, and warnings to that effect are given on the web site. The FAQ has information worth reading after you complete the assessments.

12 'Christian' Beliefs That Can Drive You Crazy : Relief from False Assumptions

"If we have been immersed in our control drama and routine to such an extent that we repress the mystery and insecurity of life, then we can't even wake up after death. And we create these illusions or trances so we can continue feeling safe, even after we enter the Afterlife." The Tenth Insight (Have you seen Robin Williams new movie What Dreams May Come?)


Religion or Spirituality: A Distinction

Is Your Spirituality Happy?

"Real spirituality is always dangerous to our cherished illusions."

Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialogue, Book One

Conversations with God Homepage


My family is very eclectic regarding their spirituality. I was raised Protestant, became Catholic at age 24 after 5 years of marriage to my Catholic husband, became Wiccan at age 39, and now call myself Wiccan Catholic.

My twin sister was agnostic then became Mormon. She and I used to visit each other's church activities. We didn't have a problem with it. Most Catholics and Mormons didn't have a problem with it. However, there were always the few shocked that we would walk into each other's church activities and the few that felt they must try to convert one or the other.

My oldest children were raised Catholic. My oldest daughter's family is Catholic My son's family is Mormon. My youngest daughters are being raised Catholic and attend their father's Episcopalian Church. I introduced a Wiccan ritual for our New Year's family celebration.

"We can all have different opinions, likes and dislikes, beliefs, and ways of living, and that's okay. Intolerance comes from feeling that everyone must agree with us or do things our way. It is a controlling position that grows out of fear and defensiveness." Hazeldon
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