Meet us
Retired hi-crotch of the Klingon Empire Marv - did you remember this?
This communication comes to you after much genetic research and
testing. It was discovered that we (you the MBW clan and me, retired
hi-crotch of the Klingon Empire now residing on a beautiful 4-moon
island at the civilized edge of our territory) are related.

Therefore, though I am presently almost nearly ashamed (it could
happen) of my cyberspace port, according to Klingon law my port MUST
be listed (perhaps with appropriate visual image...please don't
underexpose it) on the MBW clan site.

P. S. The reason my port is so trashy is that a
distant...genetic...relative who is a shiny-domed whacky-hacker
high-dollar computer consultant has yet to provide me with the tools
necessary to have a jazzy port.

From: "Marv Miller" <>
To: Mark & Cheryl <>
Date: Sat, 6 Sep 1997 16:13:08 -7
Subject: Klingon Outpost...

Marv Miller -
The Mysterious Valley -
Colorado Federation of Public Employees(CFPE):


Being a fidgety, kratchity ol' man with too much time, I can now Rest
In Peace and know that I am connected.

Thanks for adding dimension to my E-mail...just what I needed!

P. S. The waves are great!