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Past memories to help inspire future memories.

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La Canada Elementary School Memories

This page is a little messy, I'm still playing with how I'm going to organize it.  Cheryl


The following pics provided by Leigh Zeitz... Kindergarten2.jpg (187166 bytes)

PM Kindergarten Mrs. Jacobs

4thgradewood.jpg (140044 bytes)

4th Grade Mrs. Wood

5thgradeseiler.jpg (113917 bytes)

5th Grade Mrs. Seiler

Provided by Cheryl Moore: Now I know why I know classmates' names so well, and have warm fuzzies for many - In class together so many years ago. Cheryl 3rdgradehansen.jpg (82761 bytes)

Cheryl Moore's teachers Leigh Zeitz's teachers
Kindergarten Ms. Jacobs? I don't remember who I had in Kindergarten (I was in the principal's office so much for beating people up that year that I don't think I had an opportunity to ask the teacher her name.)
First Grade Ms. McEntyre (sp?) Mrs. Davis
Second Grade Ms. Wallace Mrs. Sternberg
Third Grade Ms. Hansen Mrs. Fiedler
Fourth Grade Ms. Woods Mrs. Woods
Fifth Grade Ms. Smith Mrs. Trax (and then Mrs. Sieler (Mrs. Ellis's sister - I think) took over when Mrs. Trax went on maternity leave.


01/18/2002 I remember our neighbors twinsneighbors.jpg (34594 bytes) Connie Kelly, Carol Moore, Cheryl Moore, Debbie Kelly.

I remember trips to Knott's Berry Farm knotts.jpg (28562 bytes) Carol Moore, Dorothy Brinegar, Donna Killeen '70, Cheryl Moore     knotts21962.jpg (26547 bytes)     knotts3.jpg (29742 bytes)     knotts4.jpg (42278 bytes)  Billy Springer and Chris Feeney


08/29/2001  "Hi, Cheryl--Web site looks great! I was at La Canada Elem with you and Carol (moved there in 4th grade). I had Mrs. Price until she had her front teeth punched out by Gary Meckel and retired-- I don't remember who replaced her. I had Miss Welch for 5th grade, and yes, I also remember her crying when we got the news about JFK. Also, you remember Kathy Moore's old family mansion because her mom was our Blue Bird/Camp Fire Girl troop leader-- and we used to have our meetings there after school (LC Elementary). Kathy, you and Carol, me, Sue Fuller, Dorothy Brinegar, and Roxanne Foley (her mom was the assistant leader) were in the troop. Thanks for adding me to the list and for the trip down memory lane! Cindy (Cynthia Breslin)Beres"

08/29/2001 "It was fairly early in the school year. Gary was a handful, running around the classroom (in retrospect, he may have been an ADD kid), generally out of control. As I recall, Mrs. Price finally grabbed him (mind you, all of us were sitting at our little wooden desks watching this, mouths ajar) by the wrist in front of the class-- I believe she was trying to wrestle him down to the principal's office-- when he just hauled off and punched her (with his unrestrained hand) in the mouth! I remember it got REAL QUIET in the class and that she just stood there, hand over bleeding mouth and eyes wide open-- and then I think she silently walked him down the hall to the principal, leaving us alone in the classroom. I think the Principal came in to tell us she would be out for a few days-- and that she was permanently gone shortly thereafter. I don't recall Gary lasting much longer at the school, either. I draw a blank about who our substitute was for the rest of the year. So that was my introduction to life at La Canada Elementary! I can't believe I remember this-- school seems a million years ago-- and not."


07/17/2001   " Dear Cheryl: If you don't remember Mrs. Ellis then that means you weren't in her class. Plus I don't remember you being in that class. Maybe you had Mrs. Wood. Do you remember than in 4th grade they had us change teachers for math every day? I had Mrs. Wood for math. That was the highlight of my day getting out of Mrs. Ellis's classroom for and hour or so. Do you remember Barbara Welch? She was skipped up to 5th grade during 4th grade. The school teachers thought they were sparing us the truth by telling us they were sending her up to a 5th grade class to learn about time lines. What a crock. I figured it out right away. Then at the end of the year they had her come back to 4th grade class for an hour or two to explain what a time line was. I couldn't believe they would continue with the charade. But whatever. Barbara Welch graduated in the Class of 70 and from the last I heard of her lives in Washington D.C. with her 6 or 7 children and is married to an attorney."


07/16/2001 " I remembered my 4th Grade teacher's name late last night. She was Mrs. Ellis. A very strict and frightening woman."


07/15/2001   " Dear Cheryl: I went to La Canada Elementary from K through 5 just like you. My teachers were: Kindergarten: Miss ? 1st: Mrs. MacIntyre (can't remember the spelling, but I think that's close) 2nd Mrs. Anderson 3rd Mrs. Higbee (that was a 3rd & 4th grade class combined because there were just a few too many in each class to hire another teacher) 4th I hated this teacher so much I blocked out her name. But Sandra Wallace, and Louise Hansen were in the class with me. 5th Mrs. Crane (Anyone remember Mike Mahee?) Also at La Canada Elementary were: Jay Muller, Dean Benedict, Dorothy Brinegar, Jim Burke, Michael Collins, Craig Cornwell, Linda Delawter, Joyce Fleming, Roxanne Foley, Susan Fuller, Maureen Garvey, Gayle Greene, Tim Griffin, Louise Hansen, Kim Haycox, Scott Honsberger, Greg Jensen, Gayle MacGregor, Michelle McGrath, Greg Mitchell, Kathy Moore, Marilyn Osoff, Margaret Pankratz, Julie Pejsa, Jeff Peters, Casey Quinn, Tom Rogers, Diana Sanders, Trinka Sandquist, Jean Sommerville, Craig Stoddard, Nita Walker, Sandra Wallace, Scott Williams, & Susan Wix. That's all I can remember at the moment.  I remember now I had Kindergarten with Miss Jacobs. Still can't remember that Nazi of a 4th grade teacher though."


Mrs. Higbee, Mrs. Anderson, Mrs.Borrowman/Sieler, Mrs. Crain, Miss Welch & Mrs. Nelson.  Mrs. Moss was the vice-principal who joined us all at FIS and became the girls Vice principal.


I remember loving tether ball. Cheryl Moore

I remember it snowed in La Canada. Cheryl Moore

I remember going to the Montrose Theatre to see a movie. Cheryl Moore

I remember playing Hi Ho Cherry-O at Melanie's house down the street. Cheryl Moore

I remember playing H O R S E with the 5 m Kelly kids next door. Cheryl Moore  pennykelly68.jpg (55841 bytes)  '68   conniekelly68.jpg (72539 bytes) '69 debbiekelly68picclassof70.jpg (13788 bytes)  '70  dannykelly66jrhi.jpg (12532 bytes) Danny Kelly '66 jr hi      Candy Kelly 

I remember listening to Jerry Lewis's Cinderfella album at the Kelly's house next door. Cheryl Moore

05/04/2001 To Cheryl "I was trying to remember. How far do we go back. I moved to La Canada in 1959-60 and started 2nd grade at La Canada Elementary. I saw that in your memory page you have the day Kennedy was shot. I remember that, so I thinking we must have been in the same class."

I remember in elementary school that had a crush on me, his friend would get me to go see Scott, (or was it the other way around?) *nameless* told me I was to break up with Scott even tho I didn't want to, and I did. Cheryl Moore 

I remember the day President Kennedy was shot.  I think it was teacher Ms. Welch who came running and crying in to our 5th grade school room to tell Ms. Smith and us about it. Cheryl Moore 

I remember my 2nd grade teacher Ms. Wallace made me sit out in the hallway for talking too much. I felt like a bug in a microscope whenever people walked by. I was quiet for years after that.  I didn't like that teacher at all. When I was in 6th grade, my sister and her 4 daughters lived with us. My niece had Ms. Wallace for her 2nd grade teacher. They became very close and for some years after I had to deliver my niece's letters to Ms. Wallace. Cheryl Moore 

I remember carving missions out of Ivory Soap and loving the look and smell of it. Cheryl Moore 

I remember going to the elementary school halloween carnival haunted house, probably about 6 years old, and freezing in terror refusing to walk past the witch.  She had to take her mask off before I'd walk past her. Cheryl Moore 

I remember getting to read out loud for as long as you didn't make a mistake.  I was very good at that, and got to talk for a long time.  Cheryl Moore

I remember sliding down the hill on a piece of cardboard at Two Strike Park (is that the right name?).

I remember walking the 2 blocks to school each day, walking down in to the first grade playground, to the open gate that opened down in to the kindergarten yard and classes.  Cheryl Moore

I remember the janitor that looked very much like Tarzan and an ape. Cheryl Moore


Tell us what you think.  Here's what I've been hearing from you!


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