Our Harry Potter Easter Party

04/16/2001 We have an eclectic family who aren't all together often enough. So when a holiday comes that we're all together for a short time, I try to come up with something that will help all of us bond, celebrate, and make a memory that will last a lifetime in a short period of time.

My background teaching creative dramatics to elementary kids when I was in high school, and 4 years as a Catholic High School Youth Minister help me create the adventures.

This year my kids, my stepkids, my son's family including my stepgranddaughter, and a Mexican Exchange Student were all going to be together from about 9:30am - 3pm on Easter.

The kids had been reading Harry Potter, so I created our Harry Potter Easter.

I began brainstorming about 3 months before Easter knowing my kids and stepkids would be here. About 2 months before Easter I knew we'd have a Mexican Exchange Student.  About a month before Easter I learned my son's family would be here. Luckily I was able to incorporate all of them in to my plans.

I surfed the net for Harry Potter party ideas, some times changed the ideas a bit to suit me, or they helped me brainstorm something new that would suit us.

I wrote all the ideas on a word document, that I could play with, edit, move around as much as I needed to to fine tune our party.

Eventually I wrote a script outline for the party. Some pics are linked from script to help you visualize the party.  I let my daughter-in-law know that my stepgranddaughter would probably want to read more of the first Harry Potter book.

My kids and stepkids were at our home for spring break. So I bought a couple Harry Potter games for the week, and had the books handy.  They got in to it, and began to suspect that was the theme of our Easter.  It made them more enthusiastic to read the books.

I used stupid.com for all the crazy candy, oriental.com for hats glasses telescopes, and amazon.com had the best online price for the owls.  I sometimes surfed for the best price on items at mysimon.com, and sometimes just the searching helped me come up with a new idea. I had found this webpage about wands and wandholders, then thought I could use candlestick holders that were on sale for $1 ea.  They didn't work out. I later discovered similarly priced candlestick holders at a local discount party store, and wish I had tried them out before buying them and paying for shipping.  I brainstormed and realized I could empty the small Sparkletts water bottles I had on hand for wand holders.


This is an album of our Harry Potter Easter Party photos - thumbnails.

This was an adventure we had last summer.

04/25/2001 "I was Prof. Dumbledore; greeting all the kids at the door. We also found in a two year old HP magazine this great 8 pages long test. Kept those kids going for about 45 min. I also did a session on spells and potions. The ladies put together a great feast including a "Golden Snitch" dessert with wings. You'll have to get more details from Susanne when you meet her. Quite a production." Scott


11/23/2001  My grandkids were Harry Potter and Hermione for Halloween. We took them to see Harry Potter a 2nd time. They dressed up, and so did I.  drewbrithalloween.jpg (115770 bytes)  drewhalloween2001.jpg (63719 bytes) brittnyhalloween2001.jpg (89973 bytes) Our 3rd grandchild is due 3/21/2002. I realized I'll have to repeat the Harry Potter Easter Party for new family, and then realized I can create some more adventures based on books 2-7.  Lot of fun yet to come!  Cheryl, MBW Family


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