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12/2000 I took advantage of the free period offered by, and came up with the MBW Family Tree.  Wow. I made updates since then. April 2008 my 23yo daughter Angela is finishing her college genealogy project, she inspired my full membership at, then the rest of the family got involved. We've been able to find a lot on, and add the things we discovered in our homes. Eventually we'll get it in to my new genealogy software, and have it on this web, but meanwhile, we are swamped with everything we've got going at

Private Tree

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Moore/Wells genealogy

Barron/Halterman genealogy


Miller/Winslow genealogy Kummer/Shiffer
My son is planning to adopt a child from the Phillipines.

I'm Scotch, Irish, Dutch, English, German, French, and Belgian. Selfmade men, the Barron patriarch was called The Millionaire Man in the book Whatever Became of Free Enterprise. My stepson's German and Czech/Slovak and is supposed to be related to John Hancock - I'll slowly be researching that.   My son's exwife remains a member of our family, as does my granddaughter Brittny.  
Silent Film Stars - The Moore Brothers - a brick wall - I can't find my connection to them that my father's First Cousin, Maurine Ryan, claimed we had. :-( Wish I'd asked her before she passed away '87. 03/25/2001. Received Matt Moore's social security application that verifies parents' names and birthplace. 5/11/2001 found Moore brother ellis island records, need to add them soon. The Halterman patriarch made and lost a couple of fortunes before enjoying the last fortune he made. "14 'forgotten' presidents who served under the Articles of Confederation before the Constitution was ratified in 1789. Among them were John Hancock." Slowly researching my stepdaughter's Canadian ancestry. Tanya's fiance Jon adds a new child to our family.  
I haven't found my connection to President John Adams and John Quincy Adams that paternal grandmother Emma Adams claimed. I haven't been able to get past her father, Joseph Adams, born in France.

7/2005 Joseph's death certificate shows he didn't know the name of either of his parents. Perhaps the family "story" of being related is untrue.

Slowly researching my daughters' paternal ancestry.

My daughters are supposed to be related to Blackfoot Indians.

03/28/2001 Wow! I have much more to post.  Scottish Royal Ancestry.

I'm trying to research my husband's ancestry of Illinois Indians.      



We have an eclectic family with many step relations.  I very much appreciate Gary Hoffman's work, and hope to get as sophisticated with our web as his work some day...

"Genealogy Systems for Complex Family Relationships
At the recent GENTECH 2000 conference in San Diego, Gary Hoffman described some new ways of looking at genealogy data. Gary focused on two things. The first was showing complex relationships of adopted children to their adopted families as well as step-parents, godparents, cousins and other family members who influence a child’s development into adulthood. In the past, genealogists focused strictly on bloodlines. In recent years, however, genealogists have realized that there is more to a family than bloodlines. After all, we study "family history," not "bloodline histories."

Next, Gary demonstrated a new way of graphically displaying family relationships on a screen. It’s tough to describe his method; all I can say is that it was interactive and "live." As I navigated around family relationships with the mouse, I had the feeling that I was playing a Nintendo game: we zoomed in and out on families, we "entered" families, and we went to new "perspectives." Gary’s demonstration showed a logical manner of displaying relationships that I had never seen before in any genealogy program.

The technology that Gary used was based upon the so-called ProjectX that came from Apple Computer's Advanced Technology Group in 1995. ProjectX was considered useful for indexing hard drives and even Internet content. Gary employed a derivative of this technology, a plug-in for Web browsers called HotSauce. With the resulting demonstration, Gary represent his ancestors as three-dimensional objects, which he can "fly through" using a mouse to steer the course.

A lot more information about Gary Hoffman’s interesting project may be found at a page he wrote."


Family Reunion Humor

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Yes, this really happened. 5/2008 Mark got on for the first time, and with enthusiasm discovered his ancestors in the 1920's lived in Lemoore CA. The next day we left from Northern CA to Southern CA to pick up his new natural gas car. He'd wheeled and dealed. He'd planned the drive back home to get fuel carefully.

Now on the trip back home, he discovered he'd forgotten the piece of paper with the plans. He searched on his blackberry. Made a wrong turn. We had to take a detour.

And found ourselves driving thru Lemoore CA. We drove thru it with our mouths agape.

Our normally 7 hr drive from So Cal to No Cal had become 11 hrs to get home. But it was worth it.

"People have understood the spiritual significance of geometry for ages, from the ancient Egyptians to the Vedas in early India."

Many lives, many intersections.


"Memories are like pearls. They make up a life. You wear them and finger them and recall all you have and have been a part of." A Walk on the Beach

"...the date of birth and the date of death, but the dash speaks for all the time one spends on earth." A Walk on the Beach

"It's not about you, dear. It's about being generative and giving back." A Walk on the Beach

You can survive on your own; you can grow strong on your own; you can prevail on your own; but you cannot become human on your own. Frederick Buechner

"No place is a place until things have happened in it and are remembered in history." Wallace Stegner


"At the time of my uncle's comment, I was still caught up in being a nice girl who played by the rules and was accepted, but now I see what a compliment he had given me. ...The women in my family were bold, fun, feisty, incorrigible, brave, glamorous, independent, and willful, and it was high time I owned my genes…not just survived but actually thrived in the living of their lives, despite what anyone said or thought of them…”  "...and I felt my ancestors cheering me on from the grave." A Weekend to Change Your Life

"You need only to claim the events of your life to make yourself yours." Florida Scott-Maxwell



A chart showing how to figure relationships.

Cousins explained.

What is a First Cousin, Once Removed?


"SPILLING YOUR GUTS," by Michael John Neill ("Ancestry Daily News," 9/26/2000) 
Handling the occasionally unsavory family history fact is not always easy. Sometimes revealing secrets about dead relatives may leave you not speaking to any of the living ones. Michael discusses the dilemma of whether or not to reveal family secrets.

More Gut Spilling

"Rednecks, Rumors & Family Shame
What NOT to Include in Your Family History"

"British genealogists are using the "GEN100" logo to signify that their Web site respects a cut-off date of 100 years, and to advise that information which is less than 100 years old will not be divulged.
Many Americans use January 1920 as the cut-off point, since that is the most recent federal census available to the public."


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