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Our first Exchange Student.

She arrived 04/14/2001 at 7:30pm. mvc-087s.jpg (38402 bytes) Her maestro is there at the front of the pic, and I recognize Susana in the white shirt from the pic we had of her.  I'm so tickled I recognize her.

We were all excited, holding a sign up

        MBW Family welcomes another member

        Susana Pena


Susana's susanasschedule.jpg (157915 bytes)schedule while she's here.

Immediately we were off on a tram mvc-088s.jpg (37900 bytes) to the car mvc-089s.jpg (37511 bytes)

to Krispy Kreme Donuts mvc-090s.jpg (36981 bytes)  mvc-091s.jpg (38560 bytes)  mvc-092s.jpg (38500 bytes)  mvc-093s.jpg (37190 bytes)  mvc-094s.jpg (36992 bytes)  mvc-095s.jpg (37072 bytes)  to pick up 3 dozen for our Easter party the next day.

She speaks little English, we speak too little Spanish.  She says she doesn't own a computer.

Thank you to the computer gods that translate whatever we type in when we get home.

First thing Easter morning she's thrust in to our Harry Potter Easter Party. Must have been quite bewildering to her despite our efforts to ease the confusion.

That afternoon we visit the pier, and later they ride bikes on the strand.

Monday she attends school with Angela for the day.  RUHS has been in existence since 1905, has the largest amount of land for a high school campus in CA, and has a view of the beach (check out the tours of the campus on  their webpage).  RUHS is one of the few high schools with their own ISP servicing the community and giving students the opportunity to learn by voluntarily working for the ISP.  RUHS is also one of the few high schools with the unusual program of supplying each freshman student with their own laptop for the year.  The classrooms are wired to remotely connect to the laptops, allowing the freshmen to get in the habit of doing all homework on their laptop in order to get familiar with a computer, computer programs and the internet.

That night Susana gets the opportunity to go to Angela's friend's house where there are 2 Mexican exchange students who attend a different school than Susana. Angela's stepsister Katie went with them to the mall where they send friends and family a mall post card.

She spends an afternoon with another host and her student while the host takes her horseback riding class, and then they all go to Benihana's.

We went to see the movie Spy Kids in the city of Torrance. We were tickled they showed a preview of the movie Harry Potter. After the movie we went to a bookstore for a surprise waiting for Susana - the Harry Potter book in Spanish.  



  We wrote in the book. susanasharrypotter2.jpg (591272 bytes)


Then went to Buca di Beppo for dinner with Nick, a friend of Angela's who speaks better Spanish than we do

We went to Good Stuff for our favorite breakfast at the beach.  Mark had to go to work before and after the breakfast. mvc-182s.jpg (37881 bytes)  mvc-183s.jpg (37499 bytes)

After breakfast the girls and I went for a walk on the Hermosa pier. mvc-186s.jpg (38606 bytes) mvc-187s.jpg (36989 bytes) mvc-188s.jpg (37311 bytes) and then back along the Strand to get in our car. mvc-189s.jpg (37667 bytes)mvc-190s.jpg (37495 bytes)mvc-191s.jpg (36470 bytes)

Here's a picture of Susana's family when she was 11. She's 15 when she's visiting us right now. susannafamily.jpg (146890 bytes)

We dropped off film to develop, then home for "mom" to bake lemon drop cookies, and to finish making Beef in the Boats for the farewell dinner mvc-203s.jpg (38168 bytes)  - this shows only 2 of the many tables. mvc-204s.jpg (37209 bytes)

Here's mvc-201s.jpg (38086 bytes) our Susana  Angela and Tiffany's mvc-202s.jpg (37728 bytes) exchange students. 

At the farewell dinner, the Redondo High School cast of West Side Story performed. One of the performers was Nick, Angela's friend and now Susana's friend.  Nick in the orange shirt.  1 2  Here he's dancing with his cousin.

After RUHS performed, the Mexican Exchange Students performed. 1 2 our Susana 4 5 6 7 and the Machete Dance.

Tue was going to be hot so the kids made sure they were ahead on their homework so we could all go to the beach right after school for an hour. mvc-216s.jpg (37878 bytes) mvc-217s.jpg (39491 bytes) mvc-218s.jpg (38369 bytes) mvc-219s.jpg (38190 bytes) mvc-220s.jpg (37884 bytes)mvc-221s.jpg (38371 bytes) mvc-222s.jpg (37561 bytes) mvc-223s.jpg (39448 bytes)

Then it was rush home to clean up, eat dpizza, and get to the Redondo School Board meeting mvc-224s.jpg (38305 bytes) where they were honoring Aaron's robotics' team for their National Robotics Championship. mvc-227s.jpg (39873 bytes) mvc-228s.jpg (38229 bytes) mvc-232s.jpg (38615 bytes) mvc-233s.jpg (36746 bytes) mvc-234s.jpg (39257 bytes) mvc-235s.jpg (38250 bytes) mvc-236s.jpg (38644 bytes) mvc-237s.jpg (39427 bytes)

Here's Angela and Susana conversing.

Susana doesn't own a computer.  Her maestro told me they'd be looking at the web from their school.  I made Susana a notebook of this web, each written page copies and in a plastic protective cover, English on the left, Spanish on the right, black and white copies of the pictures piled in one of the plastic protective covers. She can pull out the pictures to follow the hard copy of the webpage thumbnail pictures.

We didn't get a chance to show Susana that at the top of the hill in our backyard is the beginning of a wilderness park. Usually skunk and racoons are roaming our patio at night.  None have showed up this spring. Guess they're getting fed well enough in the park.  An 11.5 acre micro-wilderness area and wildlife reserve in the midst of a residential community. The park is open all year and overnight camping is permitted.

I pick up Susana at 7:30pm, to race over to their friend Nick's performance in West Side Story. Then Angela, Nick and Susana go out to eat.

Up early, packed the car by 7:30pm, Nick arrives, Aaron's stuff out to leave with his mother, the rest of us will be heading to the airport to say goodbye Susana. mvc-243s.jpg (37853 bytes) mvc-244s.jpg (36538 bytes)  Keeping themselves entertained at the airport. mvc-247s.jpg (39835 bytes) on our way to Gate 66 mvc-248s.jpg (38529 bytes) shedding a few tears after saying goodby downstairs, Angela and Nick ran up the stairs to have another goodby. mvc-249s.jpg (38066 bytes) 

On the way home Marygrace video'd Susana's empty seat and spoke about some more goodbye's.  We stopped to take a picture of the school bulletin board. mvc-252s.jpg (39870 bytes) mvc-253s.jpg (40147 bytes)


From: Arturo Guerrero
Subject: I was glad to see your web page

Hi,my name is Antonio Garcia,remember me? I am susana's teacher from mexico( I wear glasses) and I'm just writing to tell you that I just saw your webpage about susana's visit.

I'm very happy to know that my student had a great time at your place, this was my first time to bring my students to this kind of exchange programs and I really enjoyed seeing my students so happy during our visit.

I want to thank you for being so nice to susana and for considering her a member of your family,I really liked the photos I saw and the videos.It seems that she really had a nice time with you.

thank you very much for everything.


professor Antonio Garcia

It was nice to meet you

El correo GRATUITO en tu idioma y con múltiples beneficios.

Obtén tu CorreoWeb del Foco ahora en


My stepson informs us he wants a French exchange student, and my daughter informs us she wants 2 Mexican exchange students next year.

I think we've found another wonderful way to make new friends!


Redondo Beach Visitor's Bureau