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Snow inside the house!        xmas_treerun.gif (116069 bytes) Tommy's living life !     tommy(1).gif (1424 bytes)  click on me to see my avi 2855k    Grammie Cheryl's Drew is the spitting image, and behavior, of Tommy!        drew and his eyes.jpg (102845 bytes)
Tommy's a leader!         gang_image.gif (8656 bytes)      drewbday.jpg (38232 bytes) Drew B Day 2000 3 years old fell in love with Angela's best friend Therrin.  At first Drew was terrified of the robot he'd picked out at the toystore.


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Try out the animated dreidel, enter the Hanukkah carol competition, or read the Top 12 Reasons We Like Hanukkah. On a more serious note, you can learn about the history and theology behind the observation.


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