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Mr. Templeton

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Giiiiirls, I'm Mrs. Wilson. I'm the lady who talks to the new girls. Now most of you come from out of the country and you ain't never been in a big city like Lowell, so I want to explain to you that you're supposed to always wear your shoes and to wash your face and hands. Mr. Templeton likes to see all his girls looking clean?

And speaking of that, there was a very famous writer come here last year from England. His name was Mr. Charles Dickens. And he said he's never seen no place who had any prettier girls than the Lowell girls. And that's how Mr. Templeton likes to have it.

Now I know some of you may be scared because of all the things you heard against girls working. Even the preachers say it's wrong. But don't you listen even if they do. Because Mr. Templeton don't let no girls here get in trouble if he can help it. Don't you worry, Mr. Templeton wants you to know you'll be safe here with him.

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Now about the work, you'll pick up the spool, put it on, thread. Pick up the spool, put it on, thread. Most girls say it ain't as hard as churning butter.

Now the whistle will blow at 4:30 in the morning and you have to be at your desk by 5:00 and aaaaaal you work is thirteen hours a day, six days a week. Some places run 16 hours a day, six and a half days. But not Mr. Templeton! So you're luuuuccky!

So when Mr. Templeton walks by, you smile reeeal nice and show him that you're gla-a-d!


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