Our Family

Why we're called the MBW Family

Mark - Husband, Dad, Step-Father, Grandpa x 6, Pilot, Computer Geek, we-solve.com Web Designer, rent.com Network Services Director.

Cheryl - Wife, Mom, Step-Mother, Grammie x 6, Forms Analysis and Design,  Incest Recovery, Child Support and Father's Rights Activist, web designer. She's the MBW Web Page Designer.

Tara - Wife, Mom, Daughter, Step-Daughter, Toddler Instruction Technician
......with Husband/Son-In-Law, Craig, Sons/Grandsons Brian and CJ, daughter Serra Angel

John - Husband, Step-Dad, Husband, Son, Step-Son, Computer Geek, Chef, vegas.com online marketing extraordinaire
......with Wife Tanya and Kids Brittny 11yo, Drew 5yo, Tyler 1yo. 

Angela  - Daughter, Step-Daughter, Future Teacher, Adolescent Communication Specialist

Aaron - Son, Step-Son, Future Philosopher / Space Traveler, programs in 5 languages, interned at 14yo at Viva.com as a programmer, volunteering 3 hrs a week at high school ISP, Robotics

Marygrace's Tweety Page - Daughter, Step-Daughter, Future Surgeon, Captain of the Cheerleaders, Water Polo

Katie Rose - Daughter, Step Daughter, GATE program, She's just a princess!!!