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My friends and co-workers on the Yucca Mountain Project, Gary Janis and Toby Gatain, Also check out Gary Janis's book,  "Paris Green." Reading his first chapter helped me with a tiny nudge to inspire me to go ahead with my additional web plans. 
Cheryl's former co-workers, current co-workers and friends A favorite quote Your friends will know you better in the first minute you meet them than your acquaintances will know you in a thousand years. Peter McWilliams
Ross & Andi (Cheryl's former co-workers) we sure have a lot to talk about. Let's keep in touch. Remember George's advice for training your dog, "You need to establish yourself as "Alpha dog", so climb on top and go through the motions. Jackie Bogashewicz (Cheryl's co-worker and a best friend. Someday I want you to record the stories. JJ the DJ on Sunny 106.5 in Las Vegas, now in FL.. She sounds like a sultry brunette. She's a blond cut-up. Some day she'll be sharing that side of her on a radio station with you. JJ's second job is with Cheryl.
George Van Winkle (Cheryl's co-worker) Dr. Eversole, our family chiropractor, $10 a visit for everyone, in order to beat managed care. CJ Prime one of Cheryl's best friends. My co-workers and I are BIG fans of Bill Engvall. You know him from the "where's your sign" bit. He has another CD coming! We can always tell who's got the headphones listening to Bill. They're laughing with guffaws out loud, so loud we're all looking and nodding our heads, "I know what he's listening to." Here's your sign. video 2512K
Marina Blackwell.  She's earthy, funny, friendly and one of my best friends at work This is her modeling gallery
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In memory of friends who have passed on:

Cowboy Bob entered 12 step recovery and quickly became a source of strength for all of us. He gave 5 of us a 12 week step workshop on incest recovery. I sometimes was hard on him. Then he went home to share his excitement about his personal growth with his estranged wife and children, ran out to his car to get a book to share with them, and dropped down dead in the doorway. His job was done. He'd been in recovery about a year and had made a huge impact on many people. His friend called to let me know how much he loved and respected me. I can feel his warmth and compassion and see his smile whenever I think of him.

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Missing Friends

Cheryl's searching for Lucinda Limon, Dennis Riley, Michelle Colella. Mark's searching for Carl Davis, Virgilio De la Cruz